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Friday, July 04, 2008

First Sabbath out of Residency!!!

My last day of residency was June 30th and I have been working nights so actually finished my shift at about 8am. I am so happy to be finished. This week since finishing residency I have working on getting back onto day shift. So far I have not been successful. The first day out I thought I could make it work by letting myself sleep only 5 hours during the day, but apparently that was way too much since I didn't go to sleep that night until about 6 am. Then I really meant to wake up but slept until 2:30 pm. The following night I was tired but lay awake all night, but finally got up at 6 am because I was annoyed that I was accomplishing nothing. Then I stayed up all day even though I was tired. I thought that would do it but you would know that even though I slept last night (making some progress here) I still slept in today until 1:30pm (alarm was set for 9:30am). Well... we'll eventually get back to a normal schedule...
Otherwise I am just trying to start studying for boards but have done very little studying this last week. I have to really get serious this next week.
I am getting excited about coming down to see everyone very soon. I will be flying in to ontario and I think I am getting a rental car. See you all soon!



At 4:49 PM, Blogger Rachel and Eric Nelson said...

Congratulations! Hope you come visit us in Sacramento sometime with all your newfound freedom.

Eric and Rachel


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