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Friday, August 08, 2008

Blessed Sabbath!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... Sabbath.....
I have had a very busy week of packing boxes and filling out certification paperwork for hospital "priviledges", and all the nonsense of trying to find the right moving company and set up moving, forward mail, change utilities.

So yes.... I will be moving in to the little country farm house. It is so beautiful out there. Before the rental lady got there when I first arrived at the gate I looked down the long driveway, and a lovely doe walked out from the woods and just stood and looked at me. Then a ten point buck came out of the woods with fuzzy antlers, just behind her and he also just looked at me. Then they both walked slowly down the road toward the car and and buck walked across the road and into the woods and the doe walked back down the driveway and into the woods. I also saw a skunk out there the day before. So there are lots of critters there...
I am really blessed the meet this group of people from the Stone Tower church. I am finally actually getting to know them now that I am finished with residency. I just found out about their friday night group that meets over a light supper and the reads/discusses spiritual things. Currently they are studying COL. I have been twice to this gathering and am so blessed to finally have a group out here whose hearts beat in unity with mine in regard to spiritual matters. Praise God!!!


At 10:42 PM, Blogger Eric said...

What a cute house! Rachel and I are very jealous.



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