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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rose Garden

Portland is known as the City of Roses and we recently went to the rose garden to explore. It was lovely!

Makes me long for heaven where "there shall be no more curse" and we shall "see His face..." always. Revelation 22:3,4

Hmmmm.....where to start after not posting in soooooooooo long.......?.........

Life is good out here. It is wonderful that summer is here and it is sunny most of the time now. My housemate and I have been busy as usual with the details of life. Unfortunately she has been out of town for the week due to a major personal tragedy which could be added to her current list. Please pray for her.
Prior to that we have been up to various hobbies such as plants and woodworking...
We build a table (ok she built the table, but I helped to stain it) for our plants and are working on a corner table to put between our couches. Quite fun. Our plants are growing up very fast. The tomato plants and basil and flowers are from seed. The fern and peace lily were bought as youngsters, before and after pictures:

More on the next post...