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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Odds and Ends

In the midst of my VA ICU Q3 overnight call schedule I just got back from a very glorious and lovely wedding. Much thanks to the coworker who relieved me from work so that I could go to the wedding...

I am pretty trashed overall from this rotation, lying around moaning in my spare time. It seems that being awake all day all and all night and the next day and then the day after that and then repeating it before getting a day off does not agree with my body, mind, or spirit. But the lovely wedding of J and C was a great diversion and break in the midst of the insanity.

Other things are going on though... when my entire person is so fried that I cannot study medicine I resort to other things like becoming unsatisfied with where I live. Actually I have been feeling ill about the whole living-in-the-middle-of-the-city thing for a long time, with street noise, no backyard, having to pay with quarters to do my laundry... all these things are piling up and I am about to the level of freaking out and moving, even though I only have one more year here.

So.... I am house hunting... looking for a darling little rental house that would not be too far from work, not cost too much more money and be on a quiet street (not a main street) and have a backyard and washer and dryer... that would be a dream... have looked at a few from the outside and just need the realtor person to let me in to see if all my stuff would fit.

Also thinking about where I will go backpacking in a few weeks as I have a little vacation time I am taking off and plan to wander around in the mountains. Maybe Mount Hood... not sure what makes me so desperate for mountains and backpacking... it's kinda becoming an addiction... I think it is mostly because I live in the city and my life is so busy that it is smothering me and getting away into nature helps.

Speaking of mountains, these are the olympics in northern washington where I went for a short weekend trip. Ahhhhhhhh..........