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Friday, December 16, 2005


How nice that it is Sabbath. I am praising God for the apartment that is now officially mine and quite close to the hospital. I am moving in on Sunday... I am also excited that I just have one more week of work and then go home for Christmas break (one whole wapping week)! Hooray!!! Well...I would chat a bit more but I am going to take advantage of the fact that it is Sabbath and listen to another David Gates sermon. The first one was very yummy!
Blessings all!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Jude: Contend for the Faith

One of the blessings I got out of Jude this morning was regarding how to contend for the faith... Soon after Jude introduces his epistle he states his main purpose for encourage us to contend earnestly for the faith specifically because of the ungodly who had crept in to the church (more in 2 peter). So it was interesting to note that he again uses the word "contend" when discussing Michael contending with the devil for the body of Moses. Michael says, "the Lord rebuke you." He did not use self to impress the devil, though throughout the book, self, lust, grumbling, etc, are characteristics of the ungodly. So we see that when we contend for the faith it should be in the same way that Michael did, depending on the Father to do the rebuking. It seems that he also closes the book by additionally discussing how to contend for the faith: build yourself up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, save others, etc... this all begs much more thought and prayer...yum...great fun!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hot on the Trail of an Apartment and Jude

I am very close to nailing down a final decision for an apartment. I am so excited...I can't wait to move and be 5 or so minutes from the hospital...this will be great. I already have an application going. Unless something happens I think this will be it...more on that later...I'll also have to share more on Jude later...I think Jude has some great stuff in it...however, I can't say the revival part was so much from studying Jude as it was from being inspired to study with Peter's study techniques which has led me back into study...more on that later as well, since I am a bit overloaded and have to go to bed now...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

So Much Fun!!!

Ooooooo!!! I'm having so much fun right now that I just had to post. I'm having my own little revival here after listening to Peter Gregory's series on "How to Study Your Bible." Very tasty! And now, just to get the full fun out of it I've been applying it to the book of Jude, just 'cuz it is a quick, small book to practice on. If anyone reading this doesn't know what I'm talking about you can look on the website and look under sermons. God is so good to pack so much meat in His Word. Yum!!!