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Friday, December 12, 2008

Current Conditions

It has been a while since I have posted. I was at Weimar in November with Mom which was a nice time together. I observed some hydrotherapy and a few other things, walked lots and lots, ate all the yummy vegan food, and went to the lectures. I also got to use the hydrotherapy department after hours to practice hydro on Mom: fever baths, contrast showers, fomentations, etc. It was also fun to see Doug Plata there, who just happened to be covering for one of the doctors who was out of town. I also enjoyed going to the cooking school and learning to make some new recipes. We also got to sneak in to some AFCOE meetings and hear Don Macintosh and Doug Batchelor teach some sessions. One Sabbath Mom, Doug, and I went to Auntie Phebe's house (Saguan's aunt) for dinner for her sooooooooooooooooo delicious vegan cooking and an afternoon walk.
Since then it has been back to work here. I sure have been enjoying the on for a few days, then off for a few days life of a hospitalist. Although some Sabbath day and Friday night shifts still make it difficult, though I have only been working 1-2 Sabbath/Friday night shifts per month. It just seems like more since I have been either out of town (Weimar, AMEN, soon GYC) or trying out local churches (Newberg, Tualatin) and so I haven't been to my own home church in a while. But I have finally decided to transfer my membership to Stone Tower SDA church in Portland since it really is the best in the area in regards to interest in Evangelism, belief in SOP, sermons that challenge and point to Jesus, and a Friday night small group meeting. It was a blessing to be able to go to church this Sabbath.
Otherwise I have been enjoying a little yard work like raking leaves, bringing in firewood for the winter, and just going to walks in the neighborhood trying not to loose all that progress gained at Weimar.
I have also been cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Well... some of it has been good and some not so good, but finally I have days off with time to play in the kitchen and brush up on all those domestic skills that have not had a chance to survive during medical school and residency. I've been having fun organizing my kitchen, putting types of flour and other food items in little matching containers. Organizing my pantry and my refrigerator. Lots of fun! As far as cooking goes I have a favorite special k loaf, easy lasagna, "chicken" pot pie. Don't ask about the mushroom ravioli that I made yesterday (the doughiness was pretty overwhelming...) as I don't think I will want to think about ravioli for a long time.
Regarding housekeeping, the only down side of my schedule is that by the time and go through a stretch of hospitalist work days the house that I just cleaned has gone to pot again and I spend the first day off washing all the dishes and sweeping the whole house.
Regarding work, I guess I am here for now. I'm not sure where God is going to want me eventually, but currently I just have my oregon license and so I am here until God calls me elsewhere. I am applying for a Texas license now mainly so that if Mom's health gets worse I can move there for a while. I am also about to start the process of applying for a California license. I would enjoy doing a bit of work at Weimar when I am available and they have a need and who knows what else I might do, maybe come back to Loma Linda for a while.
I just noticed last night that Alistair and Deborah are together. Sooooooooo sweet! Sigh....
Anyway, I can't wait to see everyone at GYC!!!!!!!

By the way, it is snowing here and has been snowing all day. You may not be able to see the thermometer above but the temperature is 25 degrees.