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Monday, May 26, 2008


Yes!!!!!!! PTL!!!
This last Sabbath I just worked my last Sabbath of residency and yesterday and last night I worked my last 30 hour shift.

God is good.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Blog about Blogging

Sooooooooooo.......... I too am pleased that Rachel wrote such an inspirational piece on blogging. So inspired I am that I will now attempt to blog.

Blog, I can do. But honestly I sit around sometimes wondering if anyone really reads my blogs. But maybe Stephanie's case applies to my other friends. Everyone has writer's block. So I try to not get discouraged in my blogging. (Somebody make a comment!)

Are you still reading this blog?

Blogging in general is an interesting phenomenon.... among my friends some NEVER update (Janine and Curtis, Carlos and Dafne, Debbie). Ok maybe one or twice a year. Some pages have disappeared from my view (only for friends, or something), which is fairly disappointing (Norman and Joelle, "The other Nelson's"). I'm not sure if that is due to snobbishness or what? And then there are those that spend every waking moment planning weddings (Tim and Sunny).

Are you still reading this blog?

I think part of the problem with blogging is a perfectionistic mentality that the post has to be good. Basically that it has to be better than a simple conversation or update. I know that is part of my problem. The other problem is probably not knowing how to encapsulate the recent happenings of our lives on a brief page. After all, maybe readers will get bored at a long discourse and stop reading or just not read it at all. This is never true of the long blogs that include details of a marriage proposal, however. That is good stuff. ( I wonder if anyone would read a long discourse/announcement on how I am still single?....)

Are you still reading this blog?

I think that the other issue with blogging is that some things in life are kind of personal. Like fears, disappointments, failures... We all want to be seen as better than we really are, superhuman even. I guess it is hard to blog personal life for some folks, which is why we really do need real people in flesh and blood, like Lorinda just said on her blog...

Are you still reading this blog?

So in case you want to hear something about my life, I will include a small blurb. As Rachel said... good things, even exciting things are happening, here for me, as well. However, my exciting things are not top secret, unlike Rachel and Eric's exciting things...

Are you still reading this blog?

What I am excited about is that I am about 6 weeks from finishing my life as a resident. Not that I am crossing off the days on the large wall calender by the kitchen table or anything..... but I am at least mildly interested in working less than 80 hours per week.
I am going to be off for the summer, studying for boards. I will be at my brother's wedding in mid July and of course Sunny and Tim's wedding after that. I probably will not do much work (other than a few stray shifts to pay the rent) until September. I am currently signing up with a locum tenens agency so that I can wander around the countryside. However, I will not be able to work in California for about 7 months since that is how long it takes to get a license there. I already have my Oregon license so I will start out working here. There is a slight consideration of a local job that I might take that would be a hospitalist job working 7 days on, 7 days off which I am only considering because it is a very nice job. Either way, I could come visit frequently. So, I am praying about this decision. I go out and tour the hospital next week and will then have a better sense. Pray for me.

Tomorrow I have to work a 30 hour shift. Yuck! Not many more to go. After this 2 weeks, will do ER x2 weeks, then night float x2 weeks, then done!!!!!!!

Happy Sabbath all you beloved bloggers!!! I love you all!