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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shabbat Shalom!

This has been a blessed, restful Sabbath. With a long walk last evening in the neighborhood where Spring is blossoming, a trip and picnic lunch to "Hagg Lake" this afternoon, and some good quality reading, I have no complaints.

"If we would permit our minds to dwell more upon Christ and the heavenly world, we should find a powerful stimulus and support in fighting the battles of the Lord. Pride and love of the world will lose their power as we contemplate the glories of that better land so soon to be our home. Beside the loveliness of Christ, all earthly attractions will seem of little worth..."
--The Sanctified Life 91

"...if we would enter the city of God, and look upon Jesus and His glory, we must become accustomed to beholding Him with the eye of faith here. The words and the character of Christ should be often the subject of our thoughts and of our conversation, and each day some time should be especially devoted to prayerful meditation upon these sacred themes."
--The Sanctified Life 92